November 21, 2019

6 Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit This Holiday Season

On the fence about finally biting the bullet and getting a storage unit? The holiday season is one of the best times to pull the trigger on this useful space-saving investment. Winter weather is very harsh in most parts of the country, and even if you can’t afford a climate-controlled storage unit, most regular storage units are superior to sheds, chests, and even garages when it comes to winter storage. For those feeling cramped in their homes or businesses, storage units are far superior (and cheaper) than investing in a larger building. With the holidays now upon us, here are the top 6 reasons to get a storage unit this season.

1. Present Snoopers Will Never Find Your Hiding Place

We’ll start this list off with a holiday-themed topic everyone loves: presents. In fact, kids love presents so much that they often go snooping for them before the official holiday arrives. This is an infamous (if forgivable) holiday crime, but it’s difficult to prevent. No matter how great you think you are at hiding your presents, your kids will still likely find them. And if they don’t find your hiding spot, they might just dig through a majority of your valuables and personal items in the attempt.

If you get a storage unit, you can avoid this series of events with ease. Simply let your kids know that all gifts (including those dropped off by Santa) are in the storage unit until the holiday morning. This will stop your kids from snooping, which will protect your privacy in the process.

2. Open Up Space in Your Guest Room

The holiday season is a time for house guests. For some, this is good news. For others, it’s a source of dread. In either scenario, having as much free space as possible will make things much easier for all parties involved. Whether you have a guest room or just a designated “guest spot” in your living room, keeping that space clear for your guests will save you a considerable amount of stress during their stay(s). (It will also earn you some welcome host points.)

So, how do you free up space for your guests? You guessed it: get a storage unit. Even the smallest units can hold most of the contents of a single bedroom, so clearing out a guest room or a guest space should be easy. Better yet, many of today’s storage providers offer affordable rates and month-to-month leases. That means you can get in and get out for less than the price of a weekend at a hotel. If you choose not to invest in storage, you may be booking your guest at local lodging and incurring a steeper cost. Save by investing in storage so you can put your guests up for the holidays.

3. Open Up Space in the Rest of Your House

Need to make space for a Christmas tree? Have new holiday purchases coming in hot? Or does your generally cluttered/cramped house just not scream holiday cheer? Invest in a storage unit to free up space and bring on the festivities. Think of it as a gift to yourself.

4. Say Goodbye (Temporarily) to Your Summer Stuff

Selective seasonal banishment is one of the very best uses for any storage unit. If you have never owned a storage unit before, you probably have forgotten how much of your precious linen closet shelf space, your garage space, and your utility room space is filled up with seasonal gear that you will never touch for most months out of the year. Free up those spaces for things you use more regularly. Selectively moving stuff to your storage unit won’t just clear out your home for the holidays, it will also free up space year-round!

5. Keep Your Holiday Items when the Festivities Are Finished

The holidays don’t last forever, and when they’re gone, your holiday decorations should go too. Nobody wants to be the family with a Christmas tree in February, or twinkling lights in the springtime. Store your fake foliage, figurines, and lights someplace where they won’t get in the way during the rest of the year. Store them in a storage unit. When the holidays roll around next season, you’ll have everything in one place and you won’t have to shell out for new decorations.

6. Big Purchases Need Big Storage before the Holidays

Did you go above and beyond by purchasing a car for a loved one this holiday season? Maybe you didn’t have it in the budget to purchase a whole vehicle, but you got an outdoor basketball hoop for your young LeBron James, or a full piano for your loved one. Whatever large items you decided to splurge on for the holiday season, you need a place to store them. Forget hiding these gifts — you need a place to store them so they won’t get in the way. Once again, investing in a storage unit will save the day. (Just be sure you reserve a unit that’s large enough for your big-ticket gifts.)

Storage Unit Features to Consider before Booking

Now that you’ve begun to see the many benefits of reserving a storage unit for the holiday season, you may be thinking that it’s time book one before the holidays are in full swing. You’re ready for the research phase, and we’re here to help you make the right choice. Here are a few factors to consider when shopping for a holiday storage unit.

  • Storage units can be as small as 5’ x 5’ or as large as several living rooms. Price increases with size, so be sure to use a helpful Size Guide or Space Estimator to pick the perfect fit for your holiday needs.
  • Proximity to Your Property. Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to self-storage. Don’t invest in a unit that’s a hassle to access — this will all but negate the space-saving benefits that come with self-storage in the first place. Search for high-quality self storage in your area, and choose a facility that’s less than a 15-minute drive from your home or business.
  • Climate Controlled or Non-Climate Controlled. The winter cold should be kept away from certain items. If you want to store particularly sensitive items — such as art, vintage clothing, or musical instruments — you may want to consider investing in a climate-controlled storage unit that can precisely maintain temperature and humidity levels. If you don’t have any sensitive items, we suggest investing in a cheaper non-climate-controlled unit.
  • Drive-Up or Walk-Up. Some storage units are drive-up, which means you pull your car right up to their doors. Others are walk-up, which means you’ll need to park your car and walk a bit to reach their doors. Drive-up units are best for those with big-ticket items or those who access their units frequently. Walk-up units are typically smaller and have the option of being climate controlled.

Need a Storage Unit in Southern Idaho? Look No Further Than Stor-It

If you’ve decided to book a storage unit for holiday season — and you happen to live in Southern Idaho — our team here at Stor-It has you covered. As Idaho’s oldest and largest self-storage providers, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of excellent storage units for all of your holiday storage needs. With 14 locations all around Southern Idaho, and more being built this coming year, we are conveniently located near all of the region’s cities and thoroughfares. Whether you need a 10’ x 10’ walk-up unit that’s climate-controlled, or a 10’ x 30’ drive-up that’s non-climate controlled, we have you covered. Visit our Locations page to check out all of our facilities and browse our available units. Ready to book? Have more holiday storage questions? Contact us today!