Storage Unit Features

When you need a storage unit, you probably have one thing on your mind: space.

Maybe you’re looking for a compact area where you can keep your overflow clothing during the off-season. Or perhaps you want a storage unit large enough to fit all your furniture during your home renovation. You might even be on the hunt for somewhere to park your RV.

While the unit’s size is certainly important, there are many other self-storage features to consider when deciding on the perfect unit for your needs. That’s why our Stor-It facilities provide all kinds of options with the best storage unit features to accommodate your preferences. Whether you are interested in climate-controlled storage unit features or RV storage amenities, we have you covered! Follow along to find out about our self-storage unit amenities and more.

All of our Stor-It facilities are fully fenced with gated access and night lights installed. We also have video surveillance set up to monitor the property; as an added bonus, we provide free locks to all of our tenants. And if you are looking for insurance options, we have that, too. We offer insurance solutions through the StorSmart Insurance Program. For further peace of mind, we have on-site managers who oversee the facility. They are not only on hand to keep a watchful eye, but they can also assist you with any questions you have about storage. When you reserve a storage unit with us, you can rest assured you’re making the best choice!

Additional Storage Unit Features

Here at Stor-It, we understand size is important. That’s we offer a wide range of storage units options in various sizes. You can find small, compact units the size of walk-in closets, as well as units big enough to hold your entire home’s worth of belongings. You’ll even find large commercial spaces. Our units start small at 5×5 and go all the way up to 10×30 and beyond. Not sure what size to choose for your items? Use our handy storage unit size guide to help you estimate how much space you need.

What’s more, we realize that you want to be able to access your storage units on your watch, no matter the time or day of the week. That’s why we offer 24/7 access. Whether your big move is spilling over into the wee hours of the night or you want to get an early morning start on storing your items, you can visit your unit whenever you want.

We also provide drive-up storage units. But what is drive-up storage? It refers to units that have wide driveways that you can easily access with your vehicle, allowing you to load and unload your belongings from your car or moving truck with ease. Our units come equipped with roll-up doors or standard door entryways. What’s more, some units even have overhead lighting and electrical units.

All of our Stor-It locations include an on-site moving and packing supply store. This self-storage unit feature is especially convenient, as it provides you with everything from moving boxes to packing tape. Pop in to stock up on bubble wrap or grab some extra packing paper. Our supply stores even offer pre-packaged sets that include moving boxes in various sizes along with all the other moving materials you need to make your next storage adventure a cinch.

Depending on the Stor-It facility, you may find even more storage unit options and features. Some locations provide storage with climate control to maintain steady temperature and humidity levels, so your belongings are not exposed to extreme temperatures. This self-storage feature is a great option if you are storing fragile or sensitive items that could crack, fade, rust, melt, or burst under very cold or hot conditions.

Select Stor-It locations also feature commercial storage units and RV storage amenities. If you need a massive amount of storage space or perhaps a place to store your motorhome, look no further! Some of these commercial storage units are as big as 24×26. However, if you’d prefer a parking space over a unit, many of our facilities feature large parking spaces that can accommodate your boat, RV, and other vehicles. These spaces come in various sizes; depending on the location, you can find covered and uncovered options.

Storage Unit Locations

We are the state’s oldest and largest storage facility, providing more than 16 storage unit locations across Southern Idaho. Whether you are looking for storage unit options near Boise or closer to Caldwell, you’ll have no trouble finding a convenient storage facility right in your backyard.

At Stor-It, we provide more than just a place to put your belongings. We go above and beyond to provide you with storage unit features that make your storage experience convenient and hassle-free. We offer affordable month-to-month leases, making storing your items a cinch. Contact us to learn more about our storage amenities and reserve your storage unit today!

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