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Car Storage in Idaho

You already know you can rent a storage unit for everything from your office supplies and dorm furniture to recreational gear and gardening tools. But what if you need a place to store your vehicle? Can you store a car at a storage facility?

The answer is yes! Here at Stor-It, we provide parking spots and indoor units for all your vehicle storage needs. Maybe you want a place to keep the vintage Porsche you only drive on special occasions. Or perhaps you just got a new car but need somewhere to store your old vehicle until you can sell it. Whatever the reason, we have both long- and short-term storage solutions.

The Benefits of Car Storage

There are many perks to renting a vehicle storage unit or parking space for your car. Perhaps the most important benefit of all is that auto storage provides you with a place to park your wheels. This is especially important if you don't have a parking space, garage, driveway, or other area to leave your vehicle. Sure, you might have access to street parking, but it can be a hassle to move your car every couple of days, especially if it's not your daily driver. That's part of why car storage is a solid solution for those who are tired of tandem parking their vehicles or who don't use certain cars on a daily basis.

Another benefit of renting a vehicle storage unit is that if you choose an indoor or covered option, you can keep your car out of the elements. For instance, if you let your car sit out in direct sunshine for a prolonged time, UV rays can oxidize its exterior coating, fade the interior, and even crack the upholstery. Extreme heat exposure can also have a negative impact on your vehicle, draining your battery, destroying the rubber on your tires, and even evaporating your gas. Rain is also no friend to your car, as excessive moisture can cause rust and even mold.

Types of Car Storage We Offer

At Stor-It, our automobile storage facilities provide several options, including parking spots and indoor units.

Our parking spots have covered and uncovered spaces available. Our uncovered parking spaces provide you with a designated spot in the open air and come in a variety of sizes, such as 11x25, 10x30, 11x30. Our covered spaces feature a roof overhead and are available in 11x28, 11x30, 11x35, and more.

If you'd prefer indoor car storage, we have that, too. Our indoor units feature convenient wide drive-up access and roll-up doors. They are available in a wide range of sizes, depending on your specific needs. You'll find some as compact as 10x20 and 10x15, but you'll also come across much more spacious options, like the 16x40, 20x34, and 20x40.

In addition to our indoor vehicle storage, you have the option of climate-controlled units. They maintain a specific temperature and humidity level at all times, despite what the weather is doing outside. If you're concerned about exposing your vehicle to the extreme weather conditions that Idaho is infamous for, then you may decide to go this route for extra peace of mind.

Why Choose Stor-It for Car Storage?

When it comes to choosing a vehicle storage facility in Idaho, there's no better choice than Stor-It. For starters, we offer more than 15 locations across the Gem State in Boise, McCall, Meridian, Caldwell, and Nampa, making it more convenient than ever to find a facility near you. What's more, we're Idaho's oldest and largest storage facility—we know storage inside and out.

Another reason why Stor-It is your best option is that you can get to your vehicle whenever you want. Because we offer 24/7 access, you can always visit your ride or take it for a spin, regardless of the time or day of the week. All of our facilities are fully fenced with night lights and video surveillance, and we have on-site managers available to answer your questions and provide you with the top vehicle storage tips.

When you're ready to rent a vehicle storage unit with us, you've got plenty of choices. You can pick from our selection of parking spaces and indoor units that come in a wide range of sizes, so you're sure to find your ideal fit.

Reserve Your Auto Storage Today

At Stor-It, we offer convenient and affordable storage solutions for all storage needs, no matter how big or small. From long-term to short-term options, we offer it all. Contact us today to find a storage unit for your vehicle!