Tips for Packing Awkwardly-Shaped Items

Whether you’re changing locations or simply moving some stuff into storage, you’ve likely encountered a few items that are difficult to pack and store. To make things worse, these awkwardly shaped items are usually among the most valuable in your possession, making proper packing and storage all the more important. Continue reading “Tips for Packing Awkwardly-Shaped Items”

Choosing the Right Size Storage Unit | Infographic

When confronted with the issue of a cluttered home or workspace, a self-storage unit is often the easiest and best solution. This solution, however, is never “one size fits all” and finding an appropriately sized unit can be one of the most difficult steps in the process. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Size Storage Unit | Infographic”

4 Things You Should Never Store in a Storage Unit

A personal storage unit serves as an ideal location to store all sorts of things that you either don’t need in your home or place of business and can benefit from a temporary housing space elsewhere. People often rely on storage facilities like Stor-It Self Storage when they need a place to keep some of their belongings for a given period of time. Continue reading “4 Things You Should Never Store in a Storage Unit”

5 Packing Supplies You Need When Using a Storage Unit

Whether you’re looking to reclaim some space in your home or clear out a little bit of space at work, a storage unit can be the perfect solution for your troubles. Unfortunately, while the end results of investing in a storage unit are great, the process of relocating everything into one can be a bit cumbersome. To help you make the moving process a little easier, we’ve broken down the top five packing supplies to have on hand as you prepare to relocate your items. Continue reading “5 Packing Supplies You Need When Using a Storage Unit”