10×15 Storage Units

10×15 Storage Units

When it comes to choosing a storage unit to accommodate all your belongings, it can be tricky to visualize exactly how much space a unit provides. But don’t worry; here at Stor-It, we’ll help you make sense of storage unit sizing. Below, we focus on our 10×15 storage unit, offering you all the information you need to determine if it’s the right fit for you and your items.

Follow along to find out more about what can fit in a 10×15 storage unit.

How Big Is a 10×15 Storage Unit?

First, let’s address the question, how big is a 10×15 storage unit? Well, 10 feet by 15 feet is 150 square feet in total (roughly the size of a mid- to large-sized bedroom). Think about what you can fit in your bedroom. Odds are, you can fit those items in a 10×15 storage unit, too.

10×15 Storage Unit Size: What Fits?

Now you know you’re working with 150 square feet of space, but what can fit in a 10×15 storage unit? Though a 10×15 unit is roughly the size of a large bedroom, it can hold the contents of up to three bedrooms, provided these contents are properly packed and efficiently stacked. This means that storage units 10×15 in size can easily accommodate bigger items, such as couches, tables, beds, dressers, and even pianos. With so much space, you’ll have no trouble storing lamps, desks, and TVs, along with kitchen appliances like microwaves and refrigerators.

Many of our customers wonder if this size unit can fit a car; in most cases, the answer is no. However, 10×15 storage units can fit smaller vehicles like jet skis, motorcycles, and more.

10×15 Storage Unit Cost: Factors to Consider

If you’ve decided that this size unit is the best fit for you, you’re probably wondering, how much does a 10×15 storage unit cost? A few factors will influence the total cost of your unit.

For instance, location influences property rent prices, and property rent prices influence storage prices. When property rent is more expensive, storage is too. If you run an internet search for “10×15 storage units near me,” consider several locations in your vicinity to see how they compare.

The storage facility’s amenities also contribute to the overall price. The more amenities a facility has, the more expensive its units will be.

A third factor is climate control. Depending on the kinds of items you plan to store in your storage unit, you may decide to go the climate-control route. These units maintain a set temperature and humidity range in your space at all times. Though ideal for more sensitive (and valuable) items, a 10×15 climate-controlled storage unit will be more expensive than one without that feature.

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Still have questions about 10×15 storage? We’re here to help. If you live in Southern Idaho, our team here at Stor-It has your solutions. Whether you’re looking for advice on packing your storage unit or selecting the right moving truck size, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us directly or visit our Space Estimator and Size Guide pages to find the right dimensions to fit your needs. Once you’re ready to book, head over to our Locations page, where you’ll find online booking information for storage units at each of our 16+ Idaho facilities. Get ready to reserve your 10×15 storage unit with us today!

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