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Motorcycle, ATV, & Small Vehicle Storage Units

Motorcycle, ATV, & Small Vehicle Storage Units

Are you an explorer, or a lover of the great outdoors? Many who live in Idaho spend the warmer seasons on the open road, riding a motorcycle or ATV. However, while these vehicles may be more compact than your average car or truck, they’re still large items that are definitely too clunky to throw in a closet — and too expensive to want to chance leaving them just anywhere.

Why Invest in Motorcycle Storage?

There are lots of reasons that you might want a motorized bike storage solution. Idaho enjoys all four seasons, so having a place to store your vehicle during wet and snowy winters is a must. (Particularly when it comes to ATV storage — and if you ride a dirt bike that can’t handle the snow, dirt bike winter storage might be a necessary arrangement.)

Similarly, if you’re more of a weekend warrior when it comes to riding your bike, keeping it tucked away somewhere you trust during the week will free up space in your home or garage. An extended trip, military deployment, and/or moving to an apartment or condo without garage space are all also great reasons to look into motorcycle and ATV storage units in your area.

How Big Does a Motorcycle Storage Unit Need to Be?

A standard 5x10 unit should provide you with all the space you need for one motorcycle. Of course, if you’ve got other property that needs a home away from home, you can keep your bike alongside it in a larger unit. Just be sure to keep your expensive bike out of the way of any other large items that could potentially fall on it, or otherwise cause it harm.

If you need help understanding and envisioning how you might arrange your unit with this in mind, check out our tips for organizing your storage unit!

How Can I Properly Store My Bike or Four-Wheeler?

When it comes to making your motorcycle and ATV storage ideas a reality, the most important aspect is properly prepping your equipment for storage to ensure that it stays in great shape (this will ultimately extend the lifespan and optimize the performance of your bike regardless of how and where you store it). If your vehicle has gotten grimy on the road or trail, wash it before putting it away to prevent buildup that could creep into the engine or other functional parts. If you have a carburetor, drain the fuel from it before storage. And for long-term storage (such as over the winter), don’t forget to remove the battery and put it on a trickle charger back home.

What Should I Keep in Mind When Storing My Vehicle?

Beyond making sure that you’re keeping your vehicle in a space and with a provider you trust, access is probably the biggest consideration when it comes to storing your bike or ATV. If you have one, you most likely intend to ride it — whenever you want or need to. A storage space with 24-hour and drive-up access makes it seamless to grab, go, and hit the road.

Another major factor, particularly when it comes to storing expensive equipment somewhere like Idaho, is ensuring that your storage solution is sheltered from the sometimes wet, cold, and unforgiving Gem State weather. Weather-resistant units like those available at Stor-It are a good solution for reserving a garage-like environment that keeps your bike out of the elements.

Where Can I Find Motorcycle or ATV Storage Near Me?

Stor-It is the largest self-storage provider in the state of Idaho, and with locations conveniently located around the Treasure Valley and beyond. We make it easy to find a unit that works with where you live and gives you access to your ride whenever you need it.

With these tips and answers, you should feel confident about finding a second home for your small vehicle. We know that motorcycles and ATVs are often beloved, well-cared-for belongings that give their owners a sense of freedom and discovery — and we’re here to help you double down on that free feeling by giving you the peace of mind (and extra square footage) that a storage option can provide. Contact us today to learn more!