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How to Store a Wedding Dress

How to Store a Wedding Dress

The ceremony has concluded, you have returned from the honeymoon, and you are now settling back into the real world as a married woman. The ring and the husband aren't the only things you're planning on keeping forever — you probably also want to keep your wedding dress. Whether yours was a family heirloom or the most expensive single article of clothing you've ever purchased, the dress that you wore on your wedding day is one you'll always want to keep. In this guide, we'll show you how to do just that.

Just like you planned for your wedding, you should also plan out how to store your wedding dress. Marriage is new to you, and wedding dress storage likely is too. Check out these quick tips for how to store a wedding dress long term so that you can be the wife who fits into her wedding dress when she renews her vows on her 30th anniversary, or even be one of the mothers who has her daughter wear her wedding dress on her big day all those years later. Follow these tips to learn the best way to store your wedding dress after the wedding.

You're in It for the Long Haul

Unlike other articles of clothing, which are usually stored for a matter of months, your wedding dress is going to be stored for years (maybe even decades) before it's finally time to crack the seal and use it again. With great spans of time come greater storage demands. If you don't learn now how to store your wedding dress in a box, there's nothing worse than opening it years down the line to find that it has been affected by critters, toxins in the air, or years of humidity and thawing out.

Wedding dresses are generally made from very delicate fabrics and threads that are meant to be beautiful but not last forever. Because of this, you must take extra care to store the dress properly. Step one should happen mere hours after you slide out of your dress. Without further ado, let's jump in.

1. Get Your Wedding Dress Cleaned Professionally

You had a blast on your wedding night. And with that fun comes staining — whether it be from sweat on the dancefloor, drinks and food from the dinner, or those small stains that you don't even remember getting. White is not a forgiving color, so these issues need to be dealt with soon after the big night. If you are leaving on your honeymoon right after the wedding, have a reliable bridesmaid or family member take care of dry cleaning your dress. Your normal, trusted dry cleaner might not be the best wedding dress dry cleaner in your area. Research the best wedding dress dry cleaners near you. Don't just rely on word of mount from your friends. Consult wedding blogs and read extensive reviews. If you'd like to add extra expertise to this process, consider moving on to step two.

2. Consider Hiring a Wedding Dress Preservationist

If you shelled out for a very expensive dress or are certain that you want your future daughter to wear her mom's dress on her big day, the very best way to store a wedding dress after a wedding is by hiring a wedding dress preservationist. Wedding dress preservationists are experts in all things relating to fabric and time. It's going to cost you more, but it's better than trying to do the delicate steps of wedding dress storage by yourself. Budget accordingly.

3. Invest in a Wedding Dress Preservation Kit

If you don't have it in your budget to afford a wedding dress preservationist, you're probably going to need a wedding dress preservation kit. These DIY kits run anywhere from $250-$750 and do many of the things that a wedding dress preservationist does when he or she takes in your dress. A wedding dress preservation kit will typically have an airtight box with a pump that will suck out all of the oxygen and replace it with nitrogen (to prevent the oxidation process that causes discoloration and aging/breaking down of fabrics). Be sure to watch a lot of Youtube tutorials before attempting to seal your box yourself. You don't want to mess up one step of the process that ends up affecting your entire dress down the line.

4. Store Your Wedding Dress in a Cool, Dry Place

When figuring out how to store a wedding dress, you are going to want to look for a cool, dry place to eventually put it. Make sure this is also a place that snooping kids can't find. A climate-controlled storage unit is your best bet to keep the dress sealed and preserved while also freeing up space at home.

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