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How to Pack and Store a Computer

How to Pack Computers in Storage Units

Whether you're a single individual with one too many PCs, a family who's just upgraded, or a business with several old systems that need a place to stay, self storage is the perfect solution for you. However, even with self storage, you still need to know how to pack a desktop computer for moving. In this guide, we'll show you how.

A Closer Look at Computers: Why Proper Packing Matters

Most computing components are sensitive to dirt, dust, and water. Properly packing your computer cushions it against impact and puts a barrier between its sensitive components and the outside world. It's an essential step for any computer owner who doesn't want to pay for repairs down the line.

Likewise, storing your computer in an indoor environment is the best way to keep it in great condition after packing. In the following sections, we'll give you tips for packing and storage, so you can keep your computer in like-new shape for years to come.

How to Pack a Computer

Even in the finest indoor storage facilities, computers will stay in better condition if they are properly packed.

  • Clean your computer. Start by wiping your computer down with dry or very mildly saturated cleaning wipes. Next, use a can of compressed air to blow out any dust and unwanted substances from the nooks and crannies in the hardware. It's a good idea to unscrew the back or side plate to reach all components.
  • Cushion your computer. Cushioning prevents issues caused by impact. We suggest wrapping your computer in bubble wrap or several layers of blankets and/or clothing. Make sure the material is fastened with tape or tie-downs so it doesn't get unraveled during the move.
  • Place your computer in a box (if possible). Not all computers will fit in a box, but if yours does, we suggest placing it one. Boxes provide an extra barrier between your computer and the outside world. Plus, they can be easily labeled.

How to Pack Computer Monitors

If you're packing your computer up for storage, you're probably packing a monitor too. Here's how to pack computer monitors of all shapes and sizes.

Wipe down your monitor. If left for long periods of time, dust and grime can be difficult to remove. Stop this problem before it starts by wiping down your monitor at the beginning of the packing process.

Wrap your monitor. Fragile screens and thin corners are high-risk areas. Wrap these several times over with bubble wrap or cushioned fabric. You can also place your monitor between two pieces of foam for cushioning and stabilization.

Make sure your monitor is stabilized during packing. Not all computer owners have access to foam blocks to keep their monitors upright and isolated during packing. Again, bubble wrap is an excellent fix. Inside your car or moving truck, keep your monitor between two pillows, or rest it gently on top of a box — as long as there is enough room on top to ensure that it won't fall out.

How to Store a Computer: Tips for Success

Once packing is complete, it's time to store your computer, monitor, and extra hardware. Here are a few steps to ensure a successful storage unit stay for your computer and its accessories.

  • Invest in climate-controlled storage. Computer components are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. If you live in an excessively dry or humid area where summer temperatures approach the triple digits and winter temperatures dip below freezing, investing in climate-controlled storage for your computer hardware is a must.
  • Don't stack anything on top of your computer hardware. Your computer shouldn't have anything on top of it in storage. If possible, it should be placed in the same position it's in when you use it. The same goes for your monitor. If this isn't possible, lay it in gently on a soft surface and cover it with a lightweight material.
  • Keep everything together. Computers come with a lot of accessories. Keep them all in one place so you down have to waste time looking for everything later. If you haven't already, always label your boxes before closing up your storage unit.

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Want to learn more about how to pack a desktop computer or laptop? Need a place to store your computer? Our team at Stor-It is here to help. Visit our FAQ and Blog pages to read up on a wealth of storage resources, and contact us to have your questions answered directly. Head over to our Locations page, where you'll find hundreds of storage units at each of our 16 Idaho locations — including climate-controlled units at select facilities.

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