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Tips for Moving With Pets and Small Children [Infographic]

One of the most common (and exciting) reasons to move homes is to accommodate an expanding family. We’re sure you’re going to love your new space, but we know the prospect of wrangling a gaggle of children and animals during the move can seem daunting. Luckily, we have some tips and tricks that can make this milestone less of a headache – and even a little bit fun!

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Talk It Out

While your pet might not benefit from a direct and compassionate conversation about moving, your children definitely will. This is especially true for big moves, which could lead to outbursts and unpredictable behavior during and after the move. Here’s what to do:

  • Have a family meeting to discuss the decision as soon as it’s set in stone. This creates space for kids to voice and work through concerns, giving them time warm up to the move.
  • Add a positive twist to the news by doing some research about your new city or neighborhood as a family. Scope out the landmarks, restaurants, museums, and natural areas to build excitement.

Practice Makes Perfect

Both kids and animals handle stressful situations better if they’re not completely caught off guard. Keep them cool with these steps:

  • Let your kids and pets get used to shorter trips in a loaded car – this kind of practice will make for smoother sailing on moving day.
  • If you’re planning on keeping some of your property in storage, make those trips a family activity to let your children practice loading and unloading, and let your pet adjust to spending time in its car carrier.
  • Bring some treats along for positive reinforcement.

Plan Ahead

Nothing greases the wheels of your moving day like having a plan. Here are a few tips to make it as easy as possible:

  • Create a calendar with evenly spaced To-Do’s several months ahead of the move.
  • Arrange childcare and pet-watching (if your kids are too young to help out) while the packing and loading is taking place.
  • Hire a baby-sitter or pet-sitter or while you’re running administrative errands.

Simply Your Move With Stor-It

Now that you’re armed with a little information, go forth and make your move. Stor-It offers self storage as well as a wide range of packing and moving supplies to get your belongings where they need to go.

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