How to Properly Pack Your Storage Unit

Just as important as choosing the right storage unit is knowing how to properly pack that unit. Proper packing will not only give you more space for your buck, but also make accessing your items much easier. Follow these 7 steps from storage experts at Stor-It to pack your storage unit like a pro.

1. Establish Walking Paths

Grant access to all parts of your unit by establishing paths, or storage unit aisles. Tape down these paths when you set up your storage unit so you don’t accidentally clutter them. Make sure your path is wide enough to accommodate you and anything you’re carrying, but don’t make it too big and lose out on storage space.

2. Use a Uniform Box Size

Use the same type of box for all of your items to make sure everything sits flush. That way, you’ll maximize space and make the storing process go like a game of Tetris rather than a game of Jenga.

3. Heavy and Sturdy on Bottom, Light and Flimsy on Top

Keep large, heavy things on the bottom of your stacks and the lighter stuff up top. This will make lifting easier and prevent your unit from having dangerous avalanches.

4. Compartmentalize and Make a Map

Put similar items in the same area of your storage unit to help unloading go smoothly. Make a map of your storage unit once you’ve finished packing and tape it to the front wall. You can refer to it whenever you need to take items out.

5. Disassemble Things That Can be Disassembled

Bookcases, bed frames, big-ticket items with detachable legs — break them down! This will conserve space and keep items in great condition.

6. Store Based on Accessibility

Don’t go digging through layers of boxes to find something you use every year. Put the things you access the most up front and center in your unit. The other stuff? It goes in the back and at the bottom of your stacks.

7. Know Your Limits and Don’t Hesitate to Seek Assistance

Many storage-unit-related injuries happen to overzealous, underprepared tenants who don’t ask for help. Don’t try to be Hercules. Bring along a buddy, family member, or mover to your storage unit to help move things in and out.

Preparing Your Home for a New Addition

Is your family growing? Congratulations! Now you must prepare. Whether you are about to welcome a new baby into your home or you just got a brand-new puppy, you are going to need to do some safety-proofing for your home to keep your new addition safe and you (and your spouse) sane. Wondering where to start? This is the guide for you. Below, our moving and storage experts at Stor-It give you a crash course on home preparation for your new baby or pet. Take our tips to heart to ensure that your bundle of joy comes without a side of stress, and for all the changes to your space, consider reserving your self-storage with us today!

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Your Three-Stage Guide to Hosting a Successful Garage Sale

Got a lot of stuff going unused and cluttering up your house? Do something about it and earn some quick cash in the process by hosting a garage sale (or “yard sale,” depending on where you want to set up shop). Not sure where to start? Or how to succeed? This is the guide for you. Here, our packing and moving experts at Stor-It provide you with tips, tricks, and general guidance on each of three stages of the garage sale: before the sale, during the sale, and after the sale. Your path to less clutter and more cash starts here.

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Your Guide to Packing Supplies

Got a big packing project up? Maybe you haven’t moved in years and you’re looking for a refresher course on how to pack properly.  Maybe you don’t want to pack at all. Perhaps you’re hoping that at this point in the 21st century someone has invented a newfangled packing solution that takes all the headache out of the moving process. Sadly, packing for a big move is still quite the ordeal. Thankfully, our moving and packing experts at Stor-It Self Storage are here with professional advice to make packing as easy as possible. Great packing starts with great packing supplies, and in this guide we’ll show you the best of the best.

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10 Tips for the First-Time Homebuyer

Buying a home for the first time is a big deal. But be warned: with inexperience and improper planning, it can quickly become a bad deal. To ensure you make the best choices and the right moves, it’s important to do your homework. Think of this as your study guide. In this post, our moving experts here at Stor-It provide a number of professional tips for the two most important stages of the home buying process: buying your home and preparing to move. With these 10 tips, you’ll learn how to make an informed home buying decision and ensure that your ensuing move goes off without a hitch. From hiring a realtor to investing in self-storage, make all the right moves when first-time home buying with this guide from our trusted experts at Stor-It.

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How to Store Collectibles

If you’re like most collectors, your collection is a part of you. It’s the embodiment of years of hunting, haggling, and heartache. It may be worth thousands of dollars or mere pennies, but for you, it’s priceless. If you’re going to be moving your collection into storage, you want to be sure that all of your collectibles are stored properly so they stay in pristine condition — even if you may not be seeing them for months or years. In this guide, our storage experts here at Stor-It will help you get started. We’ve compiled a list of general tips for collectible storage and item-specific guides for common collectibles, including antiques, vintage clothing, comic books, and more. Read to learn how to store collectibles the right way, and reserve your storage unit with our team today!

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6 Common Types of Clutter and How to Deal With Them

Is clutter cluttering up your house? Now is the time to do something about it. Maybe you’ve seen one too many shows about hoarders. Maybe you’ve tripped over your son’s baseball glove in the middle of the hallway for the last time. Maybe you went searching for staples, only to find none in sight and spend the rest of your afternoon searching for small metal objects hidden somewhere amongst the growing piles of your new worst enemy: clutter. Yes, now is the time to do something about it.

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How Decluttering Your House Can Help Reduce Stress

In today’s fast-paced world, there is a lot of talk in the media and healthy living circles about the negative impacts of stress on physical and mental health. Whether it be from a job that asks too much and pays too little, or from managing the lives and financial wellbeing of a family, stressors abound in our day-to-day lives. While some of these stressors are unchangeable, others can certainly be changed. Among those in the changeable category is clutter.

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How to Declutter Your Home the Right Way: Tips and Tricks to Use This Season

Got clutter? Get rid of it the right way with these tips and tricks from our storage and organization experts here at Stor-It. Read on for general decluttering recommendations and room-by-room guides designed to help you streamline the decluttering process and get the most out of your space. Stop clutter in its tracks and open up your home this season!

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Your Comprehensive Moving Checklist

Moving? You may have already started your own mental checklist. Stress? Check. Too much stuff? Check. Not enough time? Check. If this sounds like your mindset going into your impending move, you’re not alone. Moving is a big deal, regardless of whether you’re changing apartments in the same town, or uprooting and starting a new life clear across the country. But even the biggest moves don’t have to be bad news. Any move can be simplified with a bit of planning (and a reworked checklist).

In this guide, our moving and storage experts here at Stor-It give you everything you need to know to prepare for your move. We’ve changed up the checklist—no more stress and scrambling. Instead, we’ve organized everything into four distinct time blocks: a month before the move, the week of the move, the day of the move, and the week after the move. Learn the steps you need to succeed at every stage of your move, and check out Idaho’s best self-storage with our team today!

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