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How to Store Tires Properly

There are many reasons why you might need to store your tires. Maybe you’re switching to your winter tires to cope with Idaho’s blizzard season, or perhaps you’re looking for a place to keep your old tires until you can sell them. 

Whatever the reason, you can just toss them in the corner until you’re ready to deal with them again, right? No, not so fast. There are actually several steps you’ll want to take to help preserve the longevity and lifespan of your tires so that they’re in good shape the next time you want to use them. 

To help you prepare, we’ve created this helpful guide to show you the proper way to store your tires. Follow our tips below to discover the best way to store tires to help keep them in tip-top shape, and don’t miss the answers to all your frequently asked questions about tire storage!

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What Is the Best Lock for a Storage Unit?

When you’re planning to store your belongings in a storage unit, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. For instance, you’ll need to decide on the kind of storage unit you’re looking for, the features you’re most interested in, and what size will best suit your needs. But when you’re running through your storage checklist, don’t forget to think about and choose the right lock!

Depending on where you rent your storage unit, you might be responsible for purchasing a lock to place on your unit’s door. But because there are so many styles of locks to choose from, it can be tricky to decide the best lock for your storage unit. To help, we’ve created this guide, which outlines some of the best storage unit locks available. 

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