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Tips on How to Move a Pool Table to Your New Home

Anytime you host a get-together, everyone always gathers in the game room, flocking to your pool table. There’s no doubt about it; your pool table provides hours of fun for friends and family. Maybe your group loves a good game of Baseball Billiards, or perhaps you’re the ultimate pool shark when it comes to 7-Ball. 

Whatever games you end up playing, the fact is your pool table is often the center of attention when it comes to entertaining at your home. That’s why you’ll want to take it with you on your next big move. 

Whether you’re moving to your first home or relocating to a bigger spot, you’ll certainly want your pool table to come along for the ride. But how do you move a pool table to a new house? The answer is: very carefully. 

Because pool tables are so big and heavy, it’s essential to take special precautions to prevent damage to the table and injury to yourself. To help you with this endeavor, we’ve outlined the best ways to move a pool table. Follow these six simple moving tips so that you’ll be sinking that corner pocket in your new place before you know it. 

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How to Properly Store Paddle Boards, Kayaks or Canoes

There are few things that are as fulfilling and peaceful as a quiet day on the water, balancing on a paddle board or floating along in a kayak or canoe. But what happens when you head home and realize you haven’t sorted out a storage system for your vessel? 

Don’t fret! There’s no need to summon back all that stress you managed to melt away on your relaxing adventure. Instead, turn to our guide on canoe, paddle board, and kayak storage ideas. Below, we’ll provide three steps to consider before storing your items and then individual storage tips for each kind of vessel.  

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