Benefits of Month-to-Month Storage Unit Rentals

We can all agree that the whole point of self storage is convenience. Self-storage units provide an extra place for you to hold your extra stuff so you can free up space in your home or business. You can choose your unit size, access your belongings almost any time — and, in the case of month-to-month storage rentals, you can move out on a timetable that works for you.

If that alone isn’t enough to sell you on the advantages of month-to-month self storage, this guide is here to finish the job. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of storage units on monthly contracts, and book your Idaho month-to-month storage rental here at Stor-It today!

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Expert Tips on How to Open a Storage Unit Door & Lock

It’s the first step you take every time you access your storage unit. It should be easy — but sometimes it isn’t. While not exactly rocket science, unlocking your unit and opening the door can pose unique difficulties for new renters and seasoned storers alike. Thankfully, our team at Stor-It is here to help.

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