The Dos and Don’ts of Self Storage

Are you a first-time self-storage renter? A long-time self-storage tenant? Maybe you’re just a self-storage researcher looking to take the first step towards organizing your life and freeing up your space. If you fall into any of these categories, this guide can help you get the most out of your current or upcoming storage arrangement. Below, our storage experts cover the top do’s and don’ts of self-storage. Continue reading “The Dos and Don’ts of Self Storage”

Preparing Your Storage Unit for Cold Weather

Winter is right around the corner. Soon, it will be time to pack up your beach gear, your ATV, and your patio furniture and instead pull out your seasonal holiday decorations from your storage unit. This changing of the guard presents an excellent opportunity to prepare your storage unit for the colder weather ahead. As you might have guessed, different seasons require different storage preparation protocol. Summer is all about tackling heat and humidity. Winter? The freezing cold and water are your biggest enemies. In this guide, our storage experts here at Stor-It cover essential preparation steps to take when preparing your unit for cold weather. Keep your items in great condition with this guide, and enjoy the holidays to their fullest!

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